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Soy Bom

Image of Soy Bom


From the mind that brought you "drawing of a man putting makeup on his arse" comes a 24-page comic/zine/whatever, containing comic strips and stories designed to entertain, beguile, mystify, and irritate any reader, in that order.

Not suitable for children.

Soy Bom:
- Limited to 50 copies
- Rich creamy full colour covers
- Each copy is adorned with a *unique* portrait drawing of Mortimer Zinesman, the
inventor of zines
- Includes the full Super Princess Rescue story, never before seen by anyone other than the ten or so people who bought the original run of 10 comics

Soy Bom Deluxe Package:
- All of the above, plus:
- A personalised A5 black and white sketch (submit requests when ordering!)
- A pen-pal letter from Couk (replying is non-mandatory)